Happy World Teacher's Day

October 5 marks World Teachers day, an annual event that puts the spotlight on educators around the globe. Initiated by UNESCO this year’s World Teacher’s Day will focus on the role of teachers within the context of the global financial and economic crisis and the need to invest in teachers now as a means to secure post-crisis regeneration.

So, I sent an email to the teacher's at Megan and KK's school this morning telling them the importance of their job as Teachers.  I told them that they are essentially my girls' second mum, that their school is their second home and they their jobs are so very important.  Teachers are NOT given enough credit in South Africa. They have endless patience, love and hugs to give.  I wanted thank them for everything they do for our little ones. They assist to shape our children into the terrific little people they are and become.  That, to me, is one of the most important jobs of all - as a mum firstly and as a teacher second.

Anyhoo back to Celebrating World Teachers day in South Africa.  Various provincial education departments will be holding events to acknowledge the role that educators are playing in shaping the futures of their learners and the country.

The girls' was not acception.  They celebrated with a traditional South African braai (aka barbeque) for the Teachers and all the children got to jump on the jumping castles and munch on sugary treats.  They were all hoping to incorporate some water slip 'n slides but it was such an overcast and on-the-verge-of-rain yesterday that they didn't get to adorn their swimming gear and splash around.  Pity - the girls were looking forward to that.

Happy World Teacher's Day to all those important Teachers out there.  You are appreciated by us, the parents and you are loved, very much by our children.

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