Its up and down and all over the place.  It winkles its way into your heart and squeezes your chest until you feel like you will explode into flames.  Its confusing and unpredictable and if it wasn't for these feelings we wouldn't be human.

We benefit from kind words, we benefit from a warm touch, we benefit from a wink of an eye, we thrive on a single word of encouragement.  Emotion flows in waves and enters your soul at the point where and when you least expect it. 

It changes us.

Our normal behaviour is altered.  We become irrational and it clouds our vision. Or does it?   Perhaps it  make our vision clearer and easier to read?  Initimacy is not something to fear but something to behold.

Ponder on this one.

Invest big, Big Returns!

Take a chance!  They payoff may surprise you.


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