Vajazzle me, Baby!

The trends will always yo-yo up and down (just like my unpredictable Follower List - seems they're not quite sure about me)  Heidi Klum put it perfectly "One day you're in, the next you're out".  Thats me.  You either get me or you don't.  Always has been like that, but anything to do with your coitus crack will never waver or go out of fashion.  

Here's the latest in Volksie Bonnet Bling.. or Pimp my Pu$$y (as I like to call it)

Now for a random list of Erin's observations.

1. No small task keeping the cleft of venus off screen in that footage. Kudos to filmmaker Gary He.

2. Those crystals aren't going to be very jazzly after BooBoo and BamBam have a few rolls in the hay.

3. What if you lose some of those crystals? I mean really lose them?
"Um, SugarPop? The one wing of your butterfly is, like, gone."

I think we all know just how embarrassing that's going to be.

4. I've always liked Jennifer Love Hewitt. She's not A-list or B-list. She's your A-/B+ list and I can get behind that. Hence, you can imagine my reaction when she goes on George Lopez and announces she's had some spa-person glue beads around her zorch. Who does that?

5. Regarding this exciting new phenomenon, my bud Steven Gould had this to say, "I'm still a guy who prefers hair, uh, hairy, uh, you know. Vahaired." I think he's onto something with "Vahaired." With all this new shit coming down the pike, we're going to need titles, categories - the whole drill.

6. I wonder if there's guys out there with beads stuck around their peckers. I wouldn't ever want to see any dickazzled or ballazzled anything. Nope, regular big hairy guys with beer for me. (Did you notice how I got right behind Steven on the New Age vocabulary job? I'm cool like that.)

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