Samantha's 21st Birthday Party

A great party! 

The theme was "shades of blue" and every one went all out and dressed up, which was awesome.  I love dressing up puting on my glitter make up, GHDing my hair, putting  on a dress with stockings and heels.  It makes me feel like a different person.  Someone glamorous!   

The party food was amazing, the dancing was funky, the friends were great and the hotel afterwards was brilliant!

My Boerewors and me

The Young Couples

Norman, Gilz, Riaan, Dirk, Percy, Mandy

Rock On!

The dancing

The Birthday Girl
Ready to Cut her Cake

Silly Gillian

The Tables

After the party, my Boerewors and I decided to check in to a nearby hotel instead of driving home after having half-a-dozen too many shooters. 

We had an awesome time thanx to the Grayston Southern Sun.


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