I'd rather be snorting cocaine off a Hooker's Arse

10 Random things to do when you're bored stiff.
  1. Burn shit with a magnifying glass.
  2. Blink widely, then close your eyes really tight and enjoy the interesting, pretty light show.
  3. Try not to think about penguins.
  4. Repeat the same word over and over until it loses its meaning.
  5. See what your neighbour has in their rubbish bin.
  6. Prank phone calls are always a good way to pass the time.
  7. Step off the curb with your eyes shut and pretend its a cliff.
  8. Stare at the back of someone fucker's head until they turn around.
  9. Wet your hands and then make a sneezing noise while you flick the water at someone.
  10. Pick up a dog so it can see things from your point of view. 

♥ Calvin and Hobbes
This one is for CB

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