2011 Jaguar E-Type Speedster Review

Eagle, the creators of the exclusive Eagle E-Type, will present the world's finest hand-built car - the E-type Lightweight speedster - a real Jaguar E-Type 1960 has been modified design more powerful, the classic crisp detail, and performance of a modern supercar.

This amazing car makes its public debut at the Salon of 2011, private luxury and super Concours d'Elegance to be held at Syon House in west London on 22 and June 24, 2011.

Henry Pearman, the founder of 'Aquila, says the new lightweight Speedster "elements of this strange alchemy of the original Jaguar E-Type, thirty years of experience dedicated, and the absolute cream of our widely recognized engineering developments and updates ".

Eagle has a worldwide reputation as a specialist E-Type, offering a unique collection of magnificent E-Type for sale, ranging from the original specification launch first examples broker through fully developed cars.

Under the jaw-droppingly beautiful body lightweight Speedster, each component has been carefully and cleverly adapted, improved and reduced frequency, resulting in a masterpiece of hand with the car weighs only 1,000 kg. The technical tour de force is the original E-type lightweight aluminum-based engine fuel injected 4.7-liter aluminum and transmission. While maintaining an identical appearance to the original, allowing the car to provide power to weight ratio equivalent to the latest 911 Turbo Porsche.

Jaguar E-Type lightweight Speedster Specifications

Engine: 4.7-liter, aluminum-line 6-cylinder, front-mounted longitudinal

Cylinder head material: aluminum big valve Twin Cam.

Maximum power: 310bhp @ 4800rpm

Maximum torque: 340 pounds ft @ 3600rpm

Fuel: fuel injection with individual throttle bodies and ECU

Transmission: 5 speed gearbox Aluminium, aluminum, locking differential power

Suspension: Independent triangles, six high-tech shock absorbers, adjustable anti-roll bars on the back and arms with a radius

Brakes: 315mm/280mm drilled discs, ventilated aluminum calipers four-pot, servo-assistance

Address: Rack

Wheels: 6 x 16 front, 7.5 x 16 rear, alloy rims with stainless spokes

Tyres: 225/55 x 16 front, 245/55 x 16 rear

Weight: 1008 kg dry

00-60 mph: less than 5 seconds

Maximum speed: 160 mph plus

Height: 1000 mm

Length: 4260mm

Width: 1740 mm

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