2010 Lotus Elite Concept

So here is the Lotus Elite, a taste of what the future of Lotus in the future. Search in the dictionary and you'll find an elegant variation on the following 1 Grace dignified in appearance, movement, or behavior, 2 very elegant design, styles, and 3 something stylish, the ultimate sophistication.

The revolutionary new Lotus Elite is exactly that. It is compact and stylish elegance incarnate. It is not just an exquisite elegance, in harmony with the fundamental values ​​of Lotus is a car of substance that incorporates some of the latest technological innovations Lotus has to offer. The slick retractable hardtop version and the optional use of hybrid technology with KERS, are typical examples of Lotus adapt the technology to deliver perfect performance.

Dany Bahar, CEO of Group Lotus, said. "There is no denying that the Lotus Elite is a beauty to see, but is much more than that, is a car that offers much more than all other aspects so one could say it is a perfect contradiction car is compact and spacious, high performance, low emission, light yet reassuringly strong. It's a car we are especially proud of Lotus, and we truly believe that there is nothing, as there is so much in terms of style and performance.

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