Yet Another Update

Mum has been diagnosed with diabetes that she could probably control with her diet at this stage.  No insulin is needed yet but the Dietician has been around to give my mum an Eating Plan to stick to.  They want to keep her in to get her sugar levels balanced and under control and then she can go home.  Oh crikey, I just wish I could be there to give her a big cuddle and kiss...

Riaan's hearing has been going on all day!  He is emotionally and physically exhausted.  They've hauled out the Big Guns and are trying to nail him on every tiny little thing that has happened during the 7 months that he's been with the firm.  Its ridiculous...surely attacking his integrity is not legal?  Best of all, none of this was even discussed with him first, he was just slapped with a Gross Misconduct Disciplinary Hearing.  I'm so angry with them.  Gross Misconduct is serious and all the charges against him certainly cannot be categoriesed as GM.  He is representing himself and he surely isn't a Lawyer.  I hope he said enough to save his job to at least bide us time so that he can find other work.  If not,  it will be off to the CCMA for an Appeal.  Final closing statements and mitigating circumstances will be on Monday *sigh*...and the saga continues for us all...
I'm knackered.

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