Flash Fiction Friday 55 - Episode 23

Aw-rite lads 'n lassies... 

I think my Flash Fiction Friday may be coming to an end.  Sometimes its easy to think of something to write about and sometimes I battle finding the inspiration.  I feel my 55FFF are not really on the same level as everyone else's and feel a wee bit embarrassed about them. 

But keep on heading on over to G-Man and hook up with him to join the bunch of REAL writers.  Here's possibly the last one I do:

Chandelier droplets pierce the sky,
like pendants of cut glass. 
I turn my face
towards the heavens
and fresh rain soaks my face
washing my salty tears way. 
Bathed and cleansed anew. 
It's time to follow
the multi-coloured rainbow. 
I dare say,
a make-up stained face and
puffy blood-shot eyes
does NOT become me.

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My Fuck You's for the week:
  • Fuck you to the Bitch colleague who thought she could back-stab me without a fight.  She's in for a big surprise because when you piss on my battery the claws come out and I don't back down.  Be afraid! Be very afraid, Crack Ass Whore!
  • Insomnia fucking sucks donkey balls and I have no reason to not fall into a long blissful slumber.  Even the fucking Betasleep didn't work!
  • Lists.  I'm tired of writing things down on pretty pink post-its because these days I have to (the mind ain't quite what it used to be) but then I keep loosing my fucking stoopid lists.  What's the point?
  • The Bag 'O Shite pencil-neck eejit that stood behind me in the queue at the local supermarket.  If he got any closer in some small countries, we'd have to get married and I could actually smell what he had for breakfast.  Onions? Pickles?  You fucking freak me out!
  • The fucknut postman who's been Cummin' the Cunt and puts our newspaper between the slats of our pallisade electric fence.  Who the fuck knows how to get a newspaper outta there without shocking the living crap out of yerself everytime?

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Okay enough.  
Have a BRILLIANT weekend!
Its a long weekend here in good ol' South Africa.
They call it Heritage Day.
Now Piss Off and go write a 55

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