Flash Fiction Friday 55 - Episode 21

It's my 21st FFF55 Birthday, Y'all!  

Get out the Champers!!!!

Flash Fiction Friday 55 writers is the name of the game.  The aim is to write a complete story in 55 words.  Sometimes its easy, sometimes you have no clue.  I don't claim to be a writer (at all) but what does come out is from the heart.

So, head on over and join the Blorgy of Writers - to  G-Man The Blorgologist and hook up with him and write your 55.

Jump into my world
And read my soul
 Peruse the rooms
 Tell me what you feel
 Everyone would interpret it in a different way
 Not everyone can identify
 The proper view
 The colours
 The shades
 The mood
 The sensations
 There are no hidden meanings
 Look carefully
 Go with your gut
 Use your sixth sense

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Blog Stalk Friday is hosted by Crazy Brunette Chick
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 Its also Fawk You Friday over at Boobies

 Here's my Fuck You's for this week:
  • The fucking assbags at MTN cellular network who reactivated my OLD mobile number after waiting 5 days to get a NEW number.  Do you have to get everything wrong?
  • The Motor Vehicle Licencing Department who are ripping us off by charging us nearly R1000 to renew our 2 cars and small trailer for a year and giving me the run-around with all the bloody paperwork.
  • Fuck You to the Sprite Zero that exploded all over my desk and keyboard without prior notice.  Now everything is sticky!

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