El Jefe's Top 10 Hotties!

El Jefe wrote a guest post here recently about the Top 10 Not-So-Hot-Bitches which was very popular with both the girls and the boys - but mainly the boys coz most of them agreed with The Boss' choices.  Today he Guest Posts again!

Many people wanted to know who I thought were the Top 10 Hot Bitches. Well, wait no longer as I reveal the EL Jefe’s Hottest of the Hot! These are in no particular order. They all have equal hotness. 

Drumroll please…

Megan Fox 

This girl just oozes sex! She is hot and wild and crazy. Megan Fox looks like the type of girl that would be like the energizer bunny.  She would just go on and on and on until you would die of exhaustion.  Seriously, her hotness should be outlawed!

Salma Hayek 

I have always thought she was hot in an elegant, non-slutty kind of way. She would be the perfect girl to take home and meet the parents. Ever since I first saw her in “Desperado” she has always ranked near the top of my top 10 list. 

Alessandra Ambrosio

A Brazilian Model and Victoria’s Secrets girl, she is Hot. Perfect body and perfect face. They just don’t make them like they do in Brazil.

Brooklyn Decker 

She even looks sexy picking her nose in public.

My Wife Liz

The love of my life. She is a MILF extraordinaire. Stay away guys!!!

Gillian aka A Daft Scots Lass

Gotta love the red-heads! Gillian; You got it goin’ on! SNAP!


At first, I thought the red-hair would change her look too much and maybe knock her down a notch or two. 

Then I remember it was Rihanna we were talking about. 

Rihanna is a hottie to the max. She could be bald and she still would look hot. She has a beautiful face and a gorgeous body. And she has that “wild” look about her kind of like Megan Fox. Chris Brown -You really messed up buddy! What a dumbass!

Adriana Lima 

Another Brazilian Model and another Victoria’s Secret model. Notice a trend here from Brazil? I have been to Brazil and I can vouch for the hotness of that country. It defies words. 

Camila and Mariana Davalos 

Twins from Colombia. I was speechless the first time I saw them. Imagine dating both of them, at the same time. I can’t even comprehend the joy that would bring! They also have the perfect asses. 

(Since they are twins, I gave them one spot on the list so I could include more hotties)

Charlize Theron and Candace Swanepoel 

Seeing how this blog is from South Africa, I had to include a South African on here. 

I was torn between Charlize Theron and Candace Swanepoel. Both are Hot! 

Candice Swanepoel
In the end, I put them both on the list because I love them both. Actually, South Africa has a plethora of beauties (three made the top 10). 

There are also Vanessa Haywood, Joelle Kayembe and Candace Hillebrand, to name a few. Keep producing the Hotties South Africa

Is everyone in agreement?


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