2012 Lancia Grand Voyager Review

A true icon of the minivan category 27 years on the road and thirteen million units sold in 120 countries around the world, the American model "wife" Italian style, are transformed into an exclusive luxury van in which the Chrysler travel experience Lancia joins in the pleasure of driving, the art of attention to detail and Italian design. The result is the Lancia Grand Voyager, Voyager of the best story that begins where the Lancia Phedra left to write another page in the history of this category.


Available in three trim levels (Silver, Gold and Platinum) and two versions of the engine (Euro 5-compliant powerful 283 HP gasoline engine 3.6 and the lively 163-hp 2.8 diesel, also Euro 5-compliant), Lancia Grand Voyager reveals a calendar featuring the brand new Lancia logo, front and rear fascia wraparound, clusters of LED illumination, large headlights with integrated fog lamps in the front bumper. In addition, the sport side of the wheel design arcade, while the slender columns combined with large windows provide excellent visibility. The car is equipped with rails and sleepers on the roof while the tailgate has been redesigned with a stylish and functional to optimize access to the interior. The rear spoiler of origin provides the perfect touch for the new MPV.

The reference in the large MPV segment, Lancia Grand Voyager is 5.14 meters long, 1.99 m wide, 1.72 m in wheelbase approx. 3.1 meters. This size is accompanied by an impressively roomy refined interior is distinguished by high quality materials and attention to detail, the characteristics that have always been synonymous with Lancia. For example, according to trim level, the model comes with cloth seats covered with a fine or good-quality Nappa leather.

n an ideal world, space is again something that man can shape according to its needs through a few simple intuitive movements: Stow 'n Go ® is the exclusive system that frees all the space necessary for passengers and their luggage, without removing the seats. This innovative system configuration includes seats can be folded into the floor to transform, with the greatest ease, the five seats at ease in the second and third rows of a surface charge sufficient, suitable for all requirements travel and work. In addition, if the seats are upright, practical space in the floor panel to be used for storage. And again with maximum versatility in mind, equipped with the new car sliding doors and liftgate (power) with a security system for detecting the presence of obstacles during the closing (in this case, the opening the doors again to avoid unfortunate accidents).

Embedded technology

Synonymous with uncompromising choice (for the driver but also for those who have the pleasure of being a passenger), Lancia Grand Voyager sophisticated UConnect ® system features multimedia entertainment Tunes Radio/CD/DVD/MP3/WMA, USB port, AUX input, 30 GB hard drive, touch screen, plus a loan UConnect ® Bluetooth ® device with voice commands and microphone in the rearview mirror. There is also ParkView ™ system with rearview camera to see the obstacles during parking. Available upon request is UConnect ® GPS, the addition of satellite navigation in 2D and 3D maps, birds eye views and orientation.

Travel experience Lancia Grand Voyager has completed nine speaker audio system with subwoofer and 506-watt amplifier, and the entertainment system with two LCD screen DVD player for passengers in the middle row and back. This particular deviceenables playing both at the same time - the selection of a variety of sources (radio, hard drive, AUX, USB port, two RGB inputs and two DVD players). - Two 9 "LCD full two-channel wireless headphones and remote control In addition to the adjustable ceiling windows, LED aviation-inspired design, so that light can be directed only where needed.


Design and comfort are not only FORTESAN Lancia and Grand Voyager. Sure enough, the model proposes two Euro 5-compliant engines, which increase the size of the trip, where design and performance combine to provide unparalleled comfort. Lively 2.8 CRD diesel particulate filter as standard producing 163 hp and 360 Nm of torque, to maintain low power consumption (8.4 l/100 km CCGT), which is a good deal away, but the CO2 emissions 227 g / km.

The second petrol engine model HP 3605 range is configured in a 6-cylinder 60 degree V, which delivers 283 horsepower. exciting performance with a consumption of 12.3 l/100 km combined cycle. Note that the 283 HP 3.6 is combined with a transmission gearbox 6-speed automatic with torque converter: This transmission offers a narrower space between the gears, limiting changes in engine speed between ratios and ensure smooth commitments suitable for all driving situations.


Lancia Grand Voyager is also in the forefront when it comes to safety features, as seen from the next-generation front airbags (both multi-storey), side bags for all three rows of seats and cushions, side airbags for chest and shoulders in the front row. Also available is a assisted parking system with the option of integrating a "rear view camera" with a screen that displays an accurate picture of what is behind the vehicle in reverse.

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