Wanna Puff?

SmartCig is an alternative e-cigarette which resembles the real cigarette, tastes like the real cigarette, smokes like a real cigarette (water vapour) and feels like the real cigarette. And yet you will not inhale harmful carcinogens. All e-filters (Cartridges) are tested. Why "our" SmartCig?

Smoking is undergoing a revolution! Get rid of the stinking ash, cigarette butts, morning coughs and shortness of breath! The Smartcig is the smarter, safer way to smoke!No more tar, carbon-monoxide or cyanide! Smartcig is a vaporising device, which vaporises a liquid containing nicotine. You still get your nicotine fix, without any of the harmful chemicals present in normal tobacco based cigarettes! The advantages are endless.
2 Lithium Rechargeable Batteries (with Blue frontlight)
6 Flavored Cartridges
1 Atomiser unit
1 Charger with powercord
1 Cigarette Pouch
1 User Manual
Quality Assurance Certificate
All this for R665.79
and the refills are just over 60 bucks and available in different flavours including Mint (I am a menthol smoker)
Five cartridges, comparable to light tobacco or cigarettes, but without Nicotine.
1 Cartridge = 20 to 25 cigarettes.

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