Happy Spring Day

Its the first Spring Day in years thats actually worked out that its warm and sunny. Normally its overcast, windy and freezing cold. Its going to be a scorcher of a summer - thats just my weather prediction...

I popped out this morning to go and watch Castillian Junior College's Miss and Miss and Master Spring Day. It was a cute little performance with all the girls going down the ramp first twirling and curtseying in their pretty summer frocks, bows in their hair and glittery sparkles everywhere. The boys followed showing their muscles and other butch, kewl poses.

In true "Megan Form" she refused to strut down the runway but I didn't mind - its all her choice whether she wants to do these things or not. And being a tomboy she's really not into these things. I just like to be there to support her.

The teachers felt a little sorry for me that I'd come all the way and Megan didn't want to get up on stage. I told them that I wasn't bothered by it - that its really whatever Megan wants...
Next thing I heard the entire school chanting Megan's name. Its awesome to hear almost 100 children chanting your wee girls name. She eventually gave into the peer pressure and got up on the stage in her Ben 10 t-shirt and frayed shorts and did a twirl. She dazzled us with a swish of her red hair and her beaming smile. She was so embarrassed but enjoyed everyone chanting her name nevertheless. Who wouldn't?!.

The crowned the winners and then it was off to play on the 4 slip 'n slides and gladiator inflatables.

Have a brilliant Spring Day everyone!
Master and Miss Spring
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