Furzday Flu

Och its terrible to be stuck feeling like dogcrap under your dismal duvet at home when you could be out in the gorgeous South African sunshine enjoying the sun beams on your skin and soaking up the newly arrived summer.

The flu whacked me across the head like a plank yesterday. I couldn't focus at work, I kept resting my head down on my arms on my desk, I had a headache from hell and my back was on hell-fire.

I dragged myself off to Dr Frik (our family GP) last night to be told that I had the dreaded summer flu and ear-infection. (That explains the constant humming and falling about like a drunkard). I climbed into bed early last night glugging down my antibiotic (which looks like a horse pill) with two Compral and a med lemon.

Kaylin was also up during the night coughing and calling for or me. At 1am I climbed into the spare bed (which we still had up for my mum's visit) with a feverish and grumpy KK. I managed to break her fever by 3am this morning with 10mls of Calpol and a taking off her winter jammies and sponging her down with a damp cool face cloth.

But man do kids bounce back quickly but this morning she was jumping around in full Kaylin fashion asking to go to school to see her friends and play with them. So, I sent her to school with her cough medicine and all morning I've been waiting for the phone call to tell me to collect her - but nothing as yet. Wish I was a 3 year old again...

So here I lay unable to get up from the couch (everytime I stand up I'm dizzy and disoriented, I feel nausious and need to lay down again) I have read the latest marie claire cover to cover and have started folllowing a sweet little blog called www.whatkatiewore.com which was essentially started by Katie's boyfriend Joe Sinclair who promised to get more romantic and take a picture of Katie everyday for a year never wearing the same outfit. It has been going for 9 months already and they've been doing fabulously. Its blossomed into local discount designer clothing stores and charity shops sending her stuff to wear and post pix on the blog.

Check it out if you're a dedicated follower of fashion. She's got such a great sense of style and she's dead cute and he has some kewt stuff to say...

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