At Home with a Sick Kaylin

Got the dreaded call from the girl's nursery school this morning.  "You little on is running a temperature and is miserable".

Kaylin has a temperature of 39 degrees C and it very lethargic and her eyes are swollen.  We got an appointment with our GP almost immediately and because she has such a high temperature, shows us that she has some sort of infection.  The doc gave her a thorough check and her ears are clear, her throat is fine, her nose is runny and blockend she's sneezing a lot.  The doc says it could be a combination of her allergies and an infection.

She's on antibiotics and I have given her Celestimine for her allergies...doesn't seem to get her down much as she's up and dancing to Hi-5 at the moment.  What will I do to get her to rest??

Lets hope all the meds start to work soon.  Until then I'm at home with her and if I do get her to rest I can watch my episode 3 and 4 of Season 6 Grey's Anatomy.


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