Up in 3D

Megan and My Boerewors went to go and watch Up in 3D yesterday afternoon. 
They both thoroughly enjoyed it and had a blast.

Cross-eyed Mummy with the 3D glasses on

Afterwards they went to visit The Magic Company and played games until Kaylin and I joined them for an early supper at The Spur. I must just sing Spur's praises as an awesome kiddie-friendly restaurant.  As a parent, you can sit down and enjoy a meal and a couple of drinks while the kids play upstairs in the play area.  The play area has a trampoline and jungle gyms for the little ones and Playstation Games for the older kids. They had three child minders up there and Kiddie-Cams on the TV's downstairs for us to watch them in action which impressed me no end.

Pretty kewl. I think I'll be back there for supper and a visit...don't order the calamari though - its as dry as a nun's tit.

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