Happy Birthday For Friday, Janie!

by Gillian Hefer

The unique relationship that sister’s share
Is a bond stronger than anything out there
Its blood,
Its forever,
Tender and incredibly strong
Someone who’ll stick up for us, even if we are wrong.

Sisters are extremely different in so many ways
But the love and connection always stays
A sense of comradery,
A sense of belonging,
A fusion of unconditional love
Someone who’ll encourage us when things get rough

My Sister’s love is enormously dear to my heart
Even if, and when, we drift far apart
We bicker,
We disagree,
Forgiveness is inevitable and easy to mend
We’ll always find our way back to each another in the end

Sisters Together,
Sisters Forever,
A union shared,
A damn good blether.

I love you Janie
Happy Birthday for Friday (we'll be away for the day so I thought I'd post this today)
And may we always remain close and best of friends.


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