Conversations with Kaylin

Conversation No. 1

After supper last night I noticed Kaylin's little pot belly was poppin' out more than usual. 

Me : Kaylin, whats going on with your tummy?  Did you eat too much, darlin'?

KK:  No.

Me:  What's in there then? *touching her pot belly*

KK:  A baby!

Me:  A Baby?!?!

KK:  Yes, its a girl.

*Me rubbing her tummy*

KK:  No!!  Sshhhhh, you'll wake the baby.

Me:  Okay sorry!

KK:  See now!  You've woken the baby up!

Me:  Sorry *gently patting her tummy*

KK:  No, don't take the baby out!

Me:  Alrighty then......

This morning she was telling me it was a boy and his name was Jordie.

Conversation No. 2

Me:  Kaylin, what sound does a cow make?
KK: Mooooooooooooooo!
Me: What noise does a pig make?
*KK snorts*
Me:  What sounds does a bird make?
*KK flaps her arms up and down to motion a bird in flight*  Fly! Fly! Fly!

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