Just a Secretary, a cuppa tea and something peeping around the corner

The 1st of September celebrates both Spring Day and Secretary's Day in South Africa.
Spring is around the corner!
Someone awesome once said "As soon as you sit down to a cup o' tea and a fag, your boss will ask you to do something which will last until your cuppa is cold and you only took one drag of yer fag."   I wonder who that smart-ass was?

Anyhoo, this indeed is the life of Secretary or the Administrative Assistant.  The secretary is responsible for managing the every single thing in the office, running errands for the boss, correspondence, typing, filling forms and fulfilling many other dogs-body duties.  They take care of each and everything so that the office runs smoothly and the every work of their boss will be completed accurately in time. They are the wee hand which has a big role in the success of the company and aren't always appreciated as they should be.  

To all those Office Admin people out there - Happy Secretary's Day!

And finally Spring is on its way to South Africa.  The days are getting warmer and the shorts and t-shirts need to be washed and ironed.  

I've only been bitching about the winter for 5 months...roll on Summer!


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