The Cunning Contraption

JennyMac over at Lets have a cocktail blogged recently about StepFree Vaginal Weights.  I got a huge kick outta this one...

I immediately went to google it and find out what they look like exactly because thats the way I roll..  Most of my followers know that I am into the "weird and wonderful" and love to find whack-a-doodly things on the internet that make me giggle in disbelief.

This is one such product.

I'm all for doing my daily Kegels, but can you imagine arriving at work with these bullets lodged inside your Lady Garden?  What if they make a noise?  How do you explain that to your boss?

"Yes, erm, sorry Mr ChiefPrat it's my new StepFree Vagina Weights that you hear tickling my Magic Carpet.  Pay no attention!"

I immediately thought of a story that a friend shared with me a while ago.  While she was doing  a Yoga Class at gym, her tampon popped out and  she was completely mortified, which, of course, made me cackle like an old whore for hours. Hell, days!  I thought only those kinda things happened to me!

I then read more on the StepFree website, and I instantly had visions of that bizzare Jazzercise YouTube video that I posted a while back. (Okay, I know I have a wicked and vivid imagination) but I had clear mental picture of these Stepfree rockets being launched outta her fake-tanned Vaginator at high speed, like a cheap Asian stripper and her ping-pong balls.

Shake it, Sugar!

Just thought I'd share my warped and twisted thoughts with you - AGAIN!

I'm still gigglin'


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