Got together with my BFF yesterday as I haven't seen her for over 4 weeks and I've missed her a lot.  Circumstances didn't allow us to hang out for such a long time.  I think in the 11 years we've known each other, this is the longest time that we've gone without seeing each other.  We opened a few bottles of wine, cooked up a budget supper and did a lot of catching up.

We made the most of it!

Best Friends Foreva!
Luv Ya Mandy!
Megan and I share a giggle
Mandy and Megan and another empty bottle of wine.
Fancy a Tongue Lashin'?
Riaan and Percy
Joined at the Hip...should I get worried?
Bunny ears.
Megan and her Daft mum
Kaylin helping Mandy catch the Run Away Pork Sausage
The four of us
Mandy, Percy, Riaan, Gillian

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