Retro Reminiscing

I found these old adverts for retro cars that used to mean something to me.

Under R2000?  I spend that on groceries these days!!
This was my first car that I owned.  A wee second-hand powder blue Ford Escort 1.3 which was completely stuffed!  I soon found out that the poor wee thing only ran on 3 cylinders and barely got up Jan Smuts Avenue in the mornings!  I paid R5000 for this second hand fucked-up wee Ford that I named Clifford.
Remember this one?  It was like riding in a frikken boat with all the damn hydraulics!  My pal's Dad had one and it always made me sea sick and want to puke driving in this massive hunk of steel.
I still think Mini's are still damn cool.  I'll bet that wee GTS kicked some serious but on the drag strip!  Now it is only driven by wee old ladies.... 

Yeah, my dad drooled over this Jag back in the day.  His dream car!
1000 engine....Cuuuuute!  Is that a picture of campers at Woodstock? Is that guy on the left taking a dump next to his mini?
Why the Fuck is there a doe-eyed woman with a crocheted skull cap in this advert?  I can't seem to tie up the Datsun 2000 and her.  The fact that her expression suggests she's just going to be hit head-on by the car, wide eyes and flared nostrils -  Such pretty road-kill. 

and now for something completely different....

Thanx to one of my Blog Readers for this link.  Yes, its "Chuck" singing with one of my favourite old Idols Contestants Katherine McPhee.  Well, she's certainly not old but I mean one of the earlier Idols Contestants. I must admit I don't care much for her short blonde hair - she's much prettier as a brunette - but Zach is HAWT!!!!  The song is a little cheesy for me...but just coz Zach is in it - that makes it kewl.


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