No Pants Gautrain Ride, Johannesburg

A 'No Pants' Gautrain ride ended with 34 "indecent" people being handcuffed and taken to Kempton Park police station which I think its absa lootly fucking ridiculous seeing as they were all wearing shorts or boxers.  I mean really?!  We didn't see any dangly bits, hamburgers or hotdogs.
A 'No Pants' Gautrain ride coinciding with the 10th annual 'No Pants Subway Ride' in New York, ended with 34 "indecent" people being handcuffed and taken to Kempton Park police station.

"It was very funny," said Kuba Granicki, one of those taking part in the Facebook-arranged event on the anniversary of the first 'No Pants Subway Ride' in New York 10 years ago.

The group arrived at the Rhodesfield station in Kempton Park at 15h00 on Sunday to travel to the Sandton station and back again to Kempton Park.

As soon as the doors of the train closed, the entire group stood up, took off their trousers and stuffed them into their hand luggage.

"People were openly staring and laughing at us," said Granicki.

But as they arrived back at Rhodesfield, Gautrain security guards "surrounded" the group and handcuffed them.

They were taken to Kempton Park police station where they were made to wait three hours while the police decided what to do with them.

"They wanted to charge us with public indecency, but then realised there was no indecency," said Granicki.

The group was eventually allowed to leave.

It was not as indecent as it sounds; the men were still wearing boxer shorts while the women opted for shorts.

The Bombela Gautrain operator fined them R700 each for wearing the "wrong clothing". Other 'No Pants' rides took place in 24 countries around the world, but this is the only one that resulted in arrests.

If you are brave enough to participate next year, join the official Facebook group here.

Fine them for what?  Where does it say you  need to wear pants on the Gautrain?!? 

I'm outraged...


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