Hi-Ho Hi-Ho Its Back to Work I go...

Yeah, it was Back to Work this week and the day I arrived back, felt like I’d never left.
As usual, I’ve been thrown into the deep end and I felt the stress immediately creep back into my neck and shoulders. This time of year is always busy for us with our annual Homemakers Expo next month and so much still to do. 

With both my Boerewors and I working full day, and having two young kids who love their sports and activities as well as a household to look after, means ALL SYSTEMS GO, all the time.
It becomes rather hectic and sometimes we need to take time out just to catch our breath and remember the simple things in life. 

Megan started her first day of Grade 2 and she loves her new teacher and classroom (I wonder how long that will last). She also has her 8th birthday coming up next week and has already put her birthday present request in. Her Nintendo DS XL that she got for Christmas is crying out for a new game apparently and we are on strict instruction to get her the Super Mario Brothers game. 

Kaylin started Grade 00 at nursery school and also likes her new teacher. We had a couple of days of tears and “Don’t go Mummy!” because everything was new and she was used to being at home with me all day everyday during the 3½ week holiday. She has a new classroom, new classmates, new part of the school, new assistant and not knowing what to expect is daunting for her.

My Boerewors and I have been Nicotine Free for 12 days and we’re doing great. Granted we’ve been snacking more (I cannot afford i, as I have a good few kilos to loose after the festive feasting, but one thing at a time please). It does help to have someone do it with you because you kind of support one another and help each other along…

My blogging will be taking a bit of a back seat this year. I’ve been blogging for three years and I think my blog its getting a little tired and old… I’ll post from time to time with the updates for family and when I feel up to it, but no more daily posts. 

Och there just comes a time in every Blogger's life when you need to re-focus, try new things and re-evaluate your priorities.  Same old thing kinda gets boring, dontchya think?

However, if someone wanted to PAY me for blogging – I’m there in a heartbeat with bells and baubles on complete with a huge cheesy grin plastered on ma face…

A Daft Scots Lass back at work
Kaylin back at school
Megan's first day of Grade 2

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