Wikus' 21st at Brazillian Grill Restaurant

Wikus celebrated his 21st Birthday at the Brazillian Grill in Edenvale and I took the girls along because I knew there was going to be some Latan American dancing on display.  Turns out the dancers couldn't make it, so we had to make the party all on our own.  Mission accomplished and we had so much fun AND the food was awesome.  I've never seen so much meat served up in my life!!!  It was a sin!

An emotional Wikus receiving his custom-made key (by Norman)

Four friends
Ria, Gillian, Fiona and Mandy

A shot of the long tables

Me and my Boerewors

Me and my sleepy Kaylin

And soon the night got sillier...
Mandy and Gillian

Wikus with his inflatible friend (the instigator Fiona)

The Dancing


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