Name The Decade.

Every decade has had a "nick name" and has been famous for something:

So, I love the Charlston dancing, six inch cigarette holders and the classic model T of the Roaring Twenties,

The funky fashion and hats of the Thrillin' Thirties, which also gave us Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz and the ridiculous Plus Fours. 

The glamourous Hollywood hairstyles of the Retro Forties, the time where Anne Frank went into hiding and they invented the Slinky toy. 

Elivs and the Fifties saw the Cold War and the popularity of roaring V8 cars with bench seats and bold diners.  Hoola Hoops and girls with wide skirts and bobby socks and guys with their Brille Cream and leathers.  The first ever Grammy Awards.

Then came the awesome music festivals of the Swinging Sixties where the drugs came easy and cheap and the skirts were super short.  The decade of the Baby Boomers and the first man on the moon.

It was followed by the Hippy Seventies where Feminism became fashionable and was also known as the woman's decade, Margaret Thatcher ruled politics, disco was king, trousers were bell-bottomed and everyone's hair was long.

The Eighties was over-sized shoulder pads and the Rubik Cube.  It was the time of Haley's Commet and the falling of the Berlin Wall.  Madonna and Duran Duran.  It was the decade of women power dressing, the spiral perm and BIG hair.

The Nineties showed us movies including Wayne's World and Mrs Doubtfire.  The Spice Girls were "it"  and made the union jack dress famous.  We wore baggy jeans and fanny packs.  Reece's Crunchy Cookie cups and Donkey Kong.  Teletubbies and Pound Puppies.  Everything was "Slammin'!" and Tony Danza was hawt. 

The Nougties followed with Y2K and the millenium celebrations.  Irritating mobile ringtones and You Tube and Twitter. The Sopranos, all things social networking, information overload, 9/11 and the credit crunch.  Mac outrated PC and a global recession.

What do you think this decade will be called and what do you think it will be famous for?

Which has been your favourite decade and what sticks in your mind for each one?

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