My First Hate Comment

You'd excpect that I would have had my first negative comment by now! 

I mean, I have been blogging for over two years, have made nearly 1200 posts, watched my followers grow from nothing to nearly 90 and have moderated countless comments.


I expected to be more upset over my first "hate" comment.  I was told that my blog was "boring", I was told that I was "a fake".  I was told that I have "no original voice".  You would expect these things to hurt, right? 


I wouldn't say I don't care, because then I wouldn't be blogging about it - but it didn't cut me to the bone.   You know, it didn't make me want to crumble and cry in a heap of tears, it didn't make me feel insecure about my wee blog either.   Read it - or don't.  Your choice...

It made me want to blog about it. 

I wanted to let my Hater know this:  Isn't it ironic that you couldn't post your comment with your name and profile attached?  You took the coward's way out and posted annonomously.  What a cop out!  Plonker!  Oh, I suppose you don't want to compromise your own readers and followers but its still the easy way out. 

It would still be interesting to know who detests me so much.  A family member? A so-called friend? A colleague?

Och well, this Hater actually took the time to think about what to type and leave a comment.  He or she used up a fair amount of energry telling me how "fucking useless and terrible" I am.  So listen, at least I am worthy of someone spending a little time to make me aware of my "patheticness".

I hope I never end up like that.  I hope I don't end up so bitter and cowardly that I smack someone behind the head with a wet fish and run.

May millions of infuriated nits infest your putrid armpits and crotch until eternity and back.

Have a Nice Day!
Bye-bye Now

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