First Day at School - Grade One

Megan started Grade One at Primary School this morning.  She was so sooper excited to get there!  When we got out the car she spotted the Scholar Patrol and asked all about their job.  She asked if they stay there all day.  I told her that they are also Learners at the school and only there until the bell rings for school to start to help the children cross the road safely.  Man, was she impressed with them.  They had their bright reflective bibs and controlled their stop signs with whistle blows.  She was already sussing out the things she could get involved with at the school and she hadn't even gotten to class yet!

Megan took me straight to her classroom (the only one upstairs) and pointed out things along the way.  The kids listen better than the parents do.

She immediately went her table with her name on, put her bag down, put her chair bag on her chair and packed out all her things.  She said hello to her Teacher and smiled from ear to ear.  There was a little boy sitting next to her at her table and he was clearly not impressed and very upset.  She just checked him out with raised eyebrows and carried on sorting through her things.  My little independent girl.

I took some photos of her in her classroom then she said "Enough pictures, mummy.  You can go now".  We kissed goodbye, I reminded her about the after-care and that they will come and fetch her.  She said "I know, Mum".  At that point it was clear it was my cue to 'exit stage left'

I waved to her through the window and felt a lump grow in my throat.

I sucked it in until I got to the car, I lit up a fag and burst into tears.  I cried all the way to work and when my cell phone rang and it was My Boerewors, I could hardly talk to him, I was bubbling so much.  He said she's settled in fine,  you should be happy.  I said "I am happy!" though lots of tears, snot and gruff voice.  He laughed at me.

The minute I talk to anyone about it at work, I get emotional.  Gosh, I seem to be a blithering idiot.

My baby is finally out in the big wide world and she'll do great.  She's so eager to please and confident in herself.  She couldn't have smiled wider.

Eager Beaver!

Perhaps she wouldn't smile so wide if I told her she has 12 years of school ahead of her!  and thats not including teritary studies and varsity...

One step at a time, Mummy.



Have a cuppa...she'll be fine without you.

Megan at her table

The three girls

Megan in her classroom

Waiting at the gate to go...

Megan and her massive school bag
(luckily its on wheels)

My three favourite peeps

Megan's new heros : The Schola Patrol


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