Wot a Plonker!

I got Kaylin all prepped and ready to go back to school today, new bag, all her toiletries and a lunch box filled with nutritional snacks.  She was so excited to be seeing her little friends and teachers again after being at home for three weeks.

We got there this morning and...... the gates were closed, everything was locked up.

Boy, did I feel like a fucking idiot.  I always seem to get it wrong!  Why do I NEVER read the shit-arse memos? 

Thing is, I looked all over the house yesterday for a newsletter to find out when the exact date that school is re-opening.  I couldn't find anything, I sent a text a fellow mum who also said she thought it was today.  I looked on their website and I have emailed the principal. 

What else can a Mum do? Oh the boring mediocrity of being a SAHM. 

I guess I should've kept the newsletter from last year.  Must've been all that bullshit called clearing out and spring cleaning during the holidays.

I guess we'll have to try again tomorrow.

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