An Epic Dream

I had a brilliant and vivid dream last night!!! 

I can't remember too many of the many intricate details that I should've written down when I woke up at 4am this morning.  *sigh*.  However, it was a block-buster-of-a-dream. 

You those dreams that you actually wonder how your mind concocted the twists and complex plots withint the plot?  The stuff that makes you realise that we really only do use a few percent of our brain power.

This is how it went:

I was a contestant in a reality TV programme where I had to attend four separate weddings. Each wedding was a different episode.  At each of these weddings, there was a "target" or "mark" i.e  a person was revealed that it was all just a joke (at the end of each episode).  And because they were such good sports, "the mark" was award a few million dollars in order for the producers of the show to air the episode with their permission. 

The strange thing was that during all this, it was always my name that got dragged through the muck and always me that was the bad, weird, freaky one.  The one who pulled dirty tricks with the bridesmaids, slept with the husband on the wedding day, the one who fucked things up for everyone else.  I always seemed to be the villan.

Each episode and wedding, was full of deceit and twists and always ended up the complete opposite to what you expect.

The biggest twist to the tale, was that during all these four episodes and the people who were given large somes of money, they all turned out to be professional actors.   It landed up in the very end that I was THE MARK!!! 

I was then offered $44 million if I agreed them to air the show and to star in the leading role of a full length movie documentary follow up.

It was crazy..and thrilling at the same time.

Gosh, what stories will my mind concoct next?  Perhaps there's something I wish to observe?

Can't wait to go to bed tonight and...

 dream a little dream of me....

Painting :  Morning Dreams by Italian Fine Artist, Pino (Dangelico)

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