Wicked Wednesday - Veet Me, Baby

A Clever Veet advert published in Australia went 'viral' with large numbers of Netizens emailing it around the world.

For those not in the know, Veet is a hair removal cream.

The Late Night Comedians in Australia have also been busy beating the Bush about!

Jay Leno: "Two million people attended the inauguration, compared to less than 500,000 when Bush was inaugurated four years ago. But that makes sense because four years ago, you know, people had jobs to go to."

Jay Leno: "And there was a stumbling during the reading of the oath," when the "chief justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, forgot the words for a second and then he got them in the wrong order. See, how typical is that? Barack, just a second before he takes over, the Republicans get one last screw up in there." (Obama was re-sworn-in the following morning, just to be sure).

Craig Ferguson: "The new season of 'Lost' kicked off tonight. ... If you haven't seen it, 'Lost' is about a group of desperate people out of touch with the world. It's based on the true story of the Republican Party."


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