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When we think of super heroes and comics, we always think that it’s a man’s world. Most superheroes are male, as are most of the readers. For the longest time, comic book narration was strongly geared towards men. It still is, but the styles have been polished to extend to women.

There have been more and more female superheroes added to the roster of our favorite superheroes. These powerful and sexy women play major roles in superhero plot lines and universes, and there have been many heroines that star in their own series.

Who are some of the most popular women in comics that we know?

10. Tulip O’Hare (Preacher)

Tulip O’Hare is the lady of the trio in “Preacher”, a comic book series published in 2000. “Preacher” is about a priest who is possessed by the Genesis, the infant of an angel and a demon, and possibly stronger than God himself. Preacher is about their adventures on the quest to look for God, who left Heaven upon Genesis’ birth.

Tulip is the former girlfriend of the main character, Jesse, but beyond that, she is also a trained hunter and marksman. Her father raised her on his own like a boy, making her somewhat of a tomboy. She has many struggles in life but faces them without fear.

9. Vampirella (Vampirella)

Vampirella is a citizen of the planet Drakulon, where all its citizens are called vampiri.  Vampirella found her way to Earth in search of ways to save her own dying planet, but eventually became a good vampiri and fought crime.

Vampirella has superhuman strength, speed, and beauty, and she can change her shape into a bat and hypnotize people with her stare. She doesn’t have the usual weaknesses we associate with vampires, like the sun, garlic, holy water, and crosses.

8. The Black Canary (JSA, JLA, Birds of Prey)

The Black Canary has been around since the first generation of superheroes. The Black Canary is often called the Blond Bombshell because of her sex appeal and, most of all, her fearlessness and fighting abilities.

The Black Canary, as a character, evolved into two people – Dinah Drake Lance and her daughter, Dinah Laurel Lance. It is the daughter that we see in modern comics, though her mother was also the former Black Canary.

She joined the JSA, Birds of Prey, and later on the Justice League. Not only does she have superb martial arts abilities, but also the Canary Cry, a sonic scream that can break things and paralyse enemies for some time. She married the Green Arrow.

7. Elektra (Elektra)

Elektra is a ninja and an assassin, as well as the love interest of the Daredevil. Elektra is a mercenary with a violent past and fierce nature. Elektra is well-versed in different martial arts and weaponry, and is an impeccable athlete. While Elektra is merely human, she has managed to train herself to the point where her strength, speed, agility, and reflexes have become super-human.   And fucking hawt!

Intense training has made her a match for many superhumans – she can even speed up her healing and stop bleeding to an extent. She has a few psychic abilities, though they’re obscure at best.

Elektra was killed by the villain, Bullseye.

6. The Phoenix (The X-Men)

The Phoenix is perhaps one of the most well known heroines in the comic book universe. The Phoenix, or Jean Grey, used to be one of Professor Xavier’s students in the X-men team. She is a psychic of considerable strength, and is possibly one of the strongest characters in the Marvel universe.

The Phoenix was so strong, in fact, that when she tapped into her full strength, her own powers overwhelmed her and made her evil. She then went on a rampage throughout the universe, devouring planets for their energy until the X-men figured out how to weaken her enough for Jean Grey to be able to take over again.

5. Cassandra Cain (Batman, Batgirl)

If you thought Barbara Gordon was the only Batgirl, it’s about time you were introduced to her successor, Cassandra Cain. Cassandra Cain is the daughter of David Cain, the top assassin in the League of Assassins, and Lady Shiva, the deadliest martial artist in the world. She was trained from birth to be an excellent fighter under various combatants from the League to be Ra’s al Ghul’s ultimate protector, but ran away from her father when she realized that murder was wrong.

She was picked up Oracle, the former Batgirl. The Oracle used Cassandra as an operative in her own fighting force, and recommended her to Batman as the second Batgirl, where she received further training as a martial artist.

You can’t deny that out of all of the superheroes in any comic book series, Cassandra received the best training of all. She’s already one of the best martial artists in the world, despite her age.

4. Rogue (The X-Men)

Rogue is another popular female hero in comics. She’s a mutant and a member of the X-men, under Professor Xavier. Like many mutants, she considers her abilities a curse, because her abilities allow her to absorb the physical strength, memories, and superpowers of any person she touches with her bare skin. It can be fatal for those she touches, which is why she has a difficult connecting with people and finding love.

Rogue’s been with the X-men since the 1980s, and quickly became popular. Rogue is fun-loving and daring, but has many struggles in life that she has to face.

3. The Wonderwoman (JLA, Wonderwoman)

Wonder Woman is one of the most iconic heroines of all time. She was among the first females in the comic book industry and has been with DC since its birth in the 1940s. Wonder Woman probably grew up with your grandparents!

Wonder Woman was also one of the starting members of the Justice League, and continues to be one of its pillars. Many people only see her as Superman’s female counterpart, especially since many of their key abilities are similar and their colors are the same, but Wonder Woman is more than that. She represents truth and balances the combination of Superman and Batman.

Wonder Woman is a member of the Amazons, considered blessed by the Olympian gods.

2. Invisible Woman (Fantastic Four)

The Invisible Woman, previously Invisible Girl, is one of the most important women in Marvel’s roster of heroes. Like the other Fantastics, she got her powers after she was exposed to a cosmic storm. She initially had the ability to manipulate light, allowing her to make herself and other people invisible.

After a few years of being the constant damsel in distress, she learned how to manipulate energy for both defense and offense, and became the soul of the team. She is one of the most powerful women of Marvel and an important member of the team.

Sue is the wife of Reed Richards and the brother of the Human Torch. Some of their arch nemeses also have deep feelings for her.

1. The Oracle (Batman, JLA, Birds of Prey)

Barbara Gordon is the daughter of Commissioner Gordon and was once the Batgirl. She was shot by the Joker, damaging her spine and causing paralysis. Instead of letting her disability get in the way of crime fighting, she donned the identity of the Oracle and became the information guru of the DC universe.

The Oracle even formed her own team of crime fighting women, working on assignments on one side, while assisting other superheroes and Batman on their own missions. She retained what she learned as the Batgirl, remaining as efficient, intelligent, and resourceful as ever.

If you notice, all of the women chosen in the list are strong characters, women who overcome many great obstacles and come out stronger for it. The best example is the Oracle, who lives to assist the world despite not having any super power and being paralyzed one at that.

All pretty billiant women with great bodies...

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