The Bag Lady

What kind of hand bag are you?

The Trendy Bag
for the fashion conscious girl who loves her accessories

The Clutch Bag
the glamourous dedicated follower of fashion. 
You'd never get this girl caught dead in a pair of flip flops

The Organised Bag
the one with all the divisions, pockets, zips for the OCD anal-retentive chick
The Satchel
for the avid adventurer - this girl probably doesn't have her make up bag in there,
hell this girl probably doesn't own make up

The Classic Bag
The Louis Vouton and Chanel girl -
these girls have got more money than all the others put together.

The Nappy Bag
the young mummy who doubles up the nappy bag as her hand bag.
The Fashion Statement Handbag
these girls love bright bold colours and out-of-the-ordinary shapes for their handbags

The Oversized Handbags
for the girl who can't leave anything behind - including the kitchen sink

The Teeny Weeny Handbag
the only thing you can fit in this wee bag is yer lip gloss

So what kind of Bag Lady are you? 

Just because they are fucking gorgeous

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