Go Green!

Here's what my girls and I get up to when we're bored. 

7 uses for Green Curlers:

The Regular boring way that you're supposed to use Curlers.
In yer hair...

Shrek Ears!
My extremely weak Ogre  impersionation...
oh wait ogres don't smile, they have layers..
That'll do, Donkey. That'll do.

Mini Compact Binoculars. 
Konica has nothing on these babies
Megan's idea - Big Toe Protectors - a perfect fit.
You can't put a price on footcare.
Spikey, green high-five boxing glove.
Sugar Ray would endorse these, I'm certain of it.

Who can forget a Big Green Booger?
If you were a Booger....I'd Pick you.

Kaylin's idea.  Aggressive shooter glasses.
Her cocktails were shaken-not-stirred and delicious!


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