Freaky Friday, a 55 and Booty Bouncers

Join G-Man and hundreds of other bloggers playing Flash Fiction Friday 55. Try writing a complete story in only 55 words…

Count blessings instead of your crosses;
Count gains not your losses.
Count  joys instead of woes;
Count friends not your foes.
Count  smiles instead of tears;
Count courage not your  fears.
Count  full years instead of your lean;
Count  kind deeds not your mean.
Count  health instead of  wealth;
Count on God instead of yourself.

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And now that I've counted my blessing....
I'm going to vent with Fawk You Friday hosted by Boobies

  • Fuck you to the organisers of our Year End Function.  They treated us like fucking mushrooms by keeping us in the dark and feeding us shit.  They've now gone a put a spanner in the works and switched up the teams.  Now we've gotta start planning all over again.  We always have Plan B..
  • Fuck You to the national air lines who have hiked their prices way beyond my budget to more than double their normal prices for December.  Now I can't afford to go see my mummy for Christmas with my girls.  Fuck that for a sorry story...


Theme : Gross Me Out!

Is this bloke for real?
Mankinis leave NOTHING to the imagination

Is this Skank Ass Ho for real?
 I killed myself laughing at her "supposed" sexy booty bouncing
while the fucking cat just sits there, stretches and snoozes.

There is a whole following of these Booty Bouncers on You Tube. 

Have a kick ass Weekend, Freaks!

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